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Most Successful Woman Rugby Player of the World


Sarah Goss

The New Zealand player Sarah Goss has become one of the most important woman figures of rugby world at the last years. She was born 9 December 1992 in Auckland which is one of the most important cities of New Zealand. Auckland is also an important center for rugby sport, so many players are trained in this city who are so famous in rugby sport today. Sarah Goss is an important part of New Zealand national rugby team.

They won a silver medal in 2016 Olympics which is held in  Rio de Janeiro , Brazil. Also, they won a gold medal in 2018 Commonwealth Games. She is the rising star of rugby world and one of the most important young players who play on the international level for rugby. Sarah Goss has a lot of followers from different countries of the world today.

The Dance of Haka

In the Women’s World Rugby Cup held in Ireland from 9-26 August 2017, the New Zealand team competed with England in the final and won the match and withdrew the cup. The New Zealand team, which ended the rivalry of Britain in this regard, reached the world championship for the fifth time.The New Zealand female athletes made a pre-match haka dance when they were hit by the turnstile stamp.

Rugby fans would be pleased with the match that appeared for long periods of time. The New Zealand native is known for being a war dance, having a deterrent and rigid figure against the enemy, and being a masterpiece of New Zealand teams.

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