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Rugby World in Australia


Rugby, which contains a huge dose of adrenalin, is one of the most popular sports of the world. Rugby, a tough sport that is played as two halfs with two sets of 15 minutes players and two halfs, 40 minutes, aiming to move the ball to the back of the opponent’s goal line. The main home of the Rugby game is known as Britain, but it has since begun to be played in British colonies and spread throughout these territories.

In recent years, with the growing popularity of many rugby clubs, a rugby association has been formed and a number of issues have been identified, such as the basic rules of rugby and the number of players. In the same years, a group of rugby lovers who have left the rugby union have established the rugby league and have played rugby with different rules.

Rugby is also famous in Australia, New Zealand, Wales, Ireland, South Africa, Fiji and Scotland. In the United States there is also American football, which resembles rugby but has a different rules, played with protective helmets, clothes and similar items. Although not as much as other countries, the rugby has also achieved a place in Russia and Lebanon. Apart from all these rugby is considered as the national sport of the country in New Guinea.

Today’s Popularity

It’s not to predict the dimension of today’s rugby industry under today’s world conditions. Like football, basketball and american football, rugby has a huge industry. This sport has millions of followers from different countries all over the world today.

Andrew Sherindan, Cj van der Linde, Liam Messam, Will Genia, Bryan Habana, Victor Matfield and Jonah Lomu are the most important rugby players of the world and they have a lot of supporters today.

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