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Rugby Sevens


The homeland of rugby is England, but later it has spread to British colonies. The best rugby teams in the world are New Zealand, South Africa and England. We’ll share information about Rugby sevens in this article.

The most distinctive feature that differentiates Rugby from other sports is gentleness and respect. Think about the teams that challenge each other from the beginning of the match till the end. These teams have fun together at the end of the match, they can finish the game friendly and sometimes sing along. It is strictly forbidden to talk except referee and team captain in rugby matches. The punishment of objecting to the decision is to suspend from game. After giving brief information about rugby, we can pass on to our topic.

The Rugby Union has its own diversity known as “Sevens”. “Rugby Sevens” is played according to rugby union rules and is a shorter match. Sevens originated in Melrose, Scotland and Melrose Sevens tournament is held annually. The game is very popular both amateur and professional, and tournaments are usually held in the summer months. Rugby Sevens lasts 14 minutes ( two halves of seven minutes) and a minute break.

According to the rule designated by IRB, field sizes are the same as rugby union. The rules that are different from the rugby union are the following:
  • Scrum consists of 3 forward players.
  • Teams have the right to change maximum 3 players.
  • If the match is tied, the match continues in 5 minute intervals until one of the two teams win.
  • The player with the yellow card is penalized for 2 minutes and suspended from the game.
  • If the Try is taken, conversion must be taken within 40 seconds.
  • Conversions must be drop-kicked.

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