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Rugby League – Cruel Challenge


Australian Rugby League

When you hear the word of rugby, Australian rugby world will come to the mind firstly. During a soccer match in the UK’s Rugby-named city, a player started to run to the goal by holding the ball between his arms. Since 1823 it has become a very popular sport, especially in England, France, Wales, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. When we look at the National Rugby League of Australia in 2017, we observe Melbourne Storm was the champion team. They beat NQ Cowboys in the final game with 34-6 score. Sydney Roosters and Brisbane Broncos are the other semi – finalist teams in the league.

When we look at the normal season of NRL , Melbourne Storm was also the leading team with 44 points and 20 wins – 4 losses. The second team was Sydney Roosters with 38 points and 17 wins – 7 losses. The third team was Brisbane Broncos with 36 points and 16 wins – 8 losss. The first eight teams in the NRL found the chance to play in play off series. On the 8th place, NQ Cowboys was standing with 13 wins. As a result, the Australian NRL is one of the most challenging and most popular rugby organizations of the world.

Gentleness and Respect

The most distinguishing feature of Rugby sport from other sports is gentleness and respect. Teams that defy each other physically during the match can have fun together at the end of the match to finish the event friendly, to sing songs together when it comes to the place.

It is strictly forbidden to speak outside the umpire and team captains in Rugby matches. The referee’s decision is the reason to dismiss the appeal strictly.

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