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Who is the First Woman Chief of Rugby Australia?

Raelene Castle was selected Australia Rugby team president, she became the first woman chief of one the world’s biggest international rugby association.

Raelene Castle took on the presidency of Bill Pulver at a press conference in Sydney. Castle was also the first woman to be appointed as the chief of Australia’s four major rugby team. Castle has previously served as president of the Canterbury Bulldogs, a Sydney-based rugby league. However, at the beginning of this year, Netball resigned before going to New Zealand.

Next year, Castle is going to start her job officially. Rugby Australia president Cameron Clyne said Castle was selected among more than 200 candidates and that it was a very important success.

Clyne: “Raelene has great knowledge and experience to strengthen and unite the team at any level. She impressed board of directors, due to her skills and won presidency which she deserves. He said: “We think Raelene will take a fresh look at the challenges and opportunities in Rgby Australia. She applies her experiences from other teams. Castle said: “I was “honored” because he was offered such a great job.” She thought that Phil Kearns, a former Wallabies captain, would be selected for this.

Castle’s mother is Marlene Castle, the representative of New Zealand Commonwealth lawn bowls. Castle’s father is Bruce Castle and he is a former New Zealand Kiwis captain.

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