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The Basics of Rugby World


Rugby : Sport of Gentlemen

According to the many different sources, rugby is known as “the sport of gentlemen” in many countries where it’s so widespread. The basics of rugby world is so easy. Rugby is played by 15 players from two teams for 40 minutes of two halfs. The goal is to score more than your opponent and move the ball to the back of the opponent’s goal line as if it were a football.

However, the most important rule of the game is to prohibit forwarding. The way to earn points is making ‘try’ or score goals. Although Rugby School in England has been playing since the 19th century, Rugby has acquired a large audience in a short period of time, and since it does not have any limit on the number of players in the early stages of play, it is a game that allows large masses to have fun It was seen. Today, as the person who invented Rugby, William Webb Ellis, a student of the Rugby School in 1823, was admitted.

World Cup Series

In the UK, the 8th Rugby World Cup is played with the participation of twenty teams. Those teams also include Argentina, Japan, Fiji Islands, Romania and Uruguay. The first World Cup was played in New Zealand and Australia in 1987. In four years, Australia won it twice, New Zealand and South Africa won one time.

Especially, in South America and Oceania geography, rugby sport is so common and followed by millions of supporters. There are many amateur and professional rugby clubs in these countries, and young people generally prefer to start rugby in earlier ages. Finally, the industry of rugby is developing day by day and many different sports investors started to prefer rugby to make important investments.

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